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EMUNI in the EuroMed Area - New Challenges and Opportunities


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Conference Aims

A major step towards internationalisation in the European Higher Education was done with the Bologna process (1999) and Cairo declaration (2007), which help to build bridges between European and southern Mediterranean cultures. EMUNI Conferences on Higher Education aim at achieving the Cairo declaration goals, strengthening the process of internationalisation and at harmonisation in the field of Higher Education and Research in the Euro-Mediterranean region. EMUNI is one of the six priorities of the Union for the Mediterrranean.


The 4th EMUNI Conference on Higher Education and Research brings together topics related to EMUNI in the EuroMed Area - New Challenges and Opportunities. The conference will be made of 4 sessions. New representatives of the EMUNI bodies and other experts will be invited. The purpose of the conference is to discuss the role of the EMUNI in the EuroMed Area, its past work, achievements and the future operation. The event will offer an in-depth discussion on the role of EMUNI, achievement of its goals and mission in the new development period.


Conference Subject Areas

  • vision and mission of universities, operating in the EuroMed region, such as EMUNI;
  • study programmes, professional upgrading study programmes, summer schools, etc., focused on the EuroMed region;
  • research, 3rd cycle study programmes, projects, research seminars, conferences, etc., focused on the EuroMed region;
  • mobility of students, professors, researchers and staff;
  • other topics relevant to the EuroMed region.


Conference Officers

Conference Chairs: Prof. Dr. Hassan Nadir Kheirallah, Prof. Dr. Dušan Lesjak
Programme Committee: Prof. Dr. Alejandro del Valle Galvez, Prof. Dr. Antoine Hokayem, Prof. Dr. Frédérique Vidal Zoccola, Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Cataldi, Prof. Dr. Gorazd Meško, Prof. Dr. Gregory Overton Smith, Prof. Dr. Inga Dalidiene, Prof. Dr. Jacek Ireneusz Witkoś, Prof. Dr. Jilani Lamloumi, Prof. Dr. João Casqueira Cardoso, Prof. Dr. Joseph Shevel, Prof. Dr. Karim Moustaghfir, Prof. Dr. Labib M. M. Arafeh, Prof. Dr. Marwan R. Kamal, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Shabat, Prof. Dr. Nuhad Abdalla, Prof. Dr. Panayotis J. Tsakonas, Prof. Dr. Seddik AbdelSalam Tawfik
Assistants to the Conference: Denis Čurčić,Tiuana Grlj, Dejan Hribar, Katja Kustec

About HE&R 2014

We are looking for a co-organiser of the 5th EMUNI Conference. The co-organiser has to be a partner institution of the Euro-Mediterranean University. The conference will be held in November 2014.


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